Rexzodeneh Group Limited is a general infrastructural development company in partnership with competent and highly experienced foreign technical partners who have conceptualized and implemented different sustainable developmental projects aimed at improving standard of living focusing on diverse construction works. Our project diversity and commitment to quality has allowed us to exceed client needs and expectations.

It’s our expertise and commitment that make Rexzodeneh Group Limited the most preferred jewel in the construction industries.


Rexzodeneh Construction Ltd.
Rexzodeneh Oil & Gas Ltd.
Rexzodeneh Investment Ltd.


The Rexzodeneh Group Limited is committed to the improvement of business processes respecting the local environment. Also, we believes in integrating sustainability with the expectations of the local community and creating jobs through the transfer of skills and training. We create opportunity for career and personal development. The policy of decentralization of project management encourages new talent, boosting staff with new responsibilities and generating intellectual capital for the community and local business. The Group provide industrial assembly and maintenance services on and off shore. We are committed to quality, safety, the environment and health, valuing and preserving the welfare of all our human assets by emphasizing justice and dignity. We strive to prevent illnesses, minimize personal accident risks in the execution of tasks. We are committed to minimizing the negative impacts on the air and soil by using wisdom when using natural resources. We obey legal and contractual municipal agreement as well as state, federal and international requirements. We believe in strengthening relationship with our customers, partners and other stakeholders while critical analyzing the effectiveness of the integrated management system and seeking continuous performance improvement.

Our Mission

To enhance and improve the lives of the people who work, live, worship and learn in the building we construct.

Core Values

Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Work Ethic ~ Creativity ~ Accountability